If your emergency is NO HOT WATER or a LEAKING HOT WATER TANK, it’s time to call Water Heater Repair Phoenix now.  We’ll talk you through the basics then be at your front door.  If there is no hot water for a bath or shower, clothes washer or dish washer, you have an emergency and there are several reasons for this:  a faulty switch, leaking pipes leading to the water tank, and a hole in the water tank, just to name a few.  Water Heater Repair Phoenix has the experience to fix any problem you have by repairing the problem when possible.  If a new water tank is needed, our technician will give you all the information you need to make the right decision.

Water Heater Repair Phoenix works with both residential and commercial customers throughout the valley.  Return customers make up a large part of our business because they know they will be treated with fairness, friendliness and that the job will be completed correctly the first time.  Our service engineers show up as scheduled and review the steps with the owner so there are no surprises.

Once an emergency is fixed, an owner may decide to have hoses and all water related appliances serviced with a visual inspection to guard against further emergencies.  Water Heater Repair Phoenix technicians keep extra supplies on their trucks and can made repairs on the spot.  Plus they have the training and knowledge to answer questions and provide information.

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